This is an overview of the stuff I make. It’s mostly iOS Apps for iPhone & iPad nowadays, but there are also some cool web projects from the past.

iPhone & iPad Apps

  • Stepz M7 Pedometer

    Stepz is a step counter that leverages the clever Apple M7/M8 Motion Coprocessor which collects your motion data automatically in the background.

  • WeightDrop

    WeightDrop is a simple Weight Tracker and BMI Control Tool for everybody who wants to lose or gain weight.

  • Relax Sounds

    The Relax Sounds App provides free relaxing nature & ambient melodies to help you relax and unwind from your stressful day.

  • Power Nap App

    The Power Nap App is a napping timer alarm clock app with relaxing sounds and a sweet kitty cat.

  • Pictastic

    Pictastic is an awesome iPhone Photo Editor. Add filters, texts and doodles to your photos and share them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

  • BMI Calculator

    Easy to use BMI Calculator for Women and Men. Input your height & weight and the app will calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index).

  • Push-Ups Trainer

    Push-Ups Trainer is your personal Push-Ups training program that will help you do 100+ Push-Ups in one shot.

  • Sit-Ups Trainer

    Sit-Ups Trainer is your personal Sit-Ups training program that will help you do 200+ Sit-Ups in one shot.

  • Squats Trainer

    Squats Trainer is your personal Squats training program that will help you do 200+ Squats in one shot.

  • Pull-Ups Trainer

    Pull-Ups Trainer is your personal Pull-Ups training program that will help you do 50+ Pull-Ups in one shot.

Web Projects