3 Year App Anniversary

3 Year App Anniversary Yay, today is my 3 Year App Anniversary!

It’s amazing how time flies. 3 years ago, I launched my first real app on the App Store. This has led me on a career path that I haven’t really thought of turning out so successful and fulfilling. I’m proud to say that my app business surpassed 5 million downloads last week with the better part having been generated in the last 12 months. Also, last month was actually the best month ever revenue-wise, so everything is going quite well.

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Stepz App Featured On Apple.com

Stepz on Apple.com App developer life achievement unlocked: The Stepz App has been featured on Apple.com!

Alongside other great apps, Stepz is showcased on the page that explains the health aspects of the Apple Watch for Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Russia.

While the Apple Watch has many amazing features, fitness & health are certainly amongst the main reasons people get the Watch. Being mentioned as one of the apps that makes buying the Watch worthwhile is a great honor, especially for me as a small indie app developer.

Stepz for Apple Watch aims at delivering your most important activity information at a glimpse of an eye. While the app is in no way perfect, we take being featured on Apple.com as a great motivation to improve the app even more in upcoming updates and help our users live a healthy life by motivating them to walk more throughout the day.

2 Year App Anniversary

2 Year App Anniversary Yay, today is my 2 Year App Anniversary! 🙂

It has been an incredible year for my app business. Since my first anniversary my downloads, active users and revenues have been growing steadily. I learned a lot in the process. At this point, I managed to accumulate 2 million downloads since April 2013. Wow! Based on my current numbers, however, this seems to be only the beginning of a far bigger app adventure.

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iBeacons App Idea: Tracking Kids in Malls

ibeacons-app-idea As of mid 2014, iBeacon seems to be a quite interesting new application of the Bluetooth technology and is widely discussed, but I have personally not seen any implementations in real life yet.

While visiting the local IKEA on a Saturday (big mistake!), I had a neat app idea for iBeacons. So, here it is, a free, multi-million-dollar app business idea. You are welcome 😉

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1 Year App Anniversary

Yay, today is my 1 Year App Anniversary! 🙂

On April 11, 2013, I launch WeightDrop, my very first paid app and it all went up from there. Some of you might recall that I had a free app before for my task management tool ThunderTask, but I like to count my days as a true app developer from the day when I made money from iPhone apps for the first time.

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