Easy Ways To Get 1-Star App Reviews

Easy Ways To Get 1-Star App Reviews Hey app developers, need some inspiration for your next app update? I have just the thing!

Let’s try something different this time. I give you 10+ easy ways to get 1-star reviews at the App Store!

Awesome, right?

Reverse psychology and stuff!

Please note, this post includes sarcasm. Obviously.

#1: Crash your app at startup

The classic. Make an awesome app update and make it crash shortly after the app start.
Bonus points: Take your time with the fix.

#2: Add ads to your ad-free app

Users love ads! Trust me! Why not give them the joy to see them in your app? Works great if you have a lot of users and the app has been ad-free since day one.
Bonus points: Don’t give an option to remove the ads!
Extra bonus points: Interstitials!

#3: Make a new app out of existing functionality

Swarm. Facebook Messenger. While it might make sense in some cases, user don’t like this at all. Change is bad! Don’t change things! Ever!

Facebook Messenger review

#4: Make a paid update in exchange for awesome content

Paid in-app purchase with super cool extra content in a paid app. The horror! What, you want even MORE money for your app that you spend countless hours creating? Shame on you!
(Monument Valley)

#5: Get acquired by Facebook

No guarantees with this one, but in the case of Moves, it definitely worked.

#6: Forced login that hasn’t been there before

Your app is doing well, but you want to step it up a notch. Add a forced login at app startup as an awesome way to collect user data!
Bonus points: Make it a forced Facebook login! (Users love that)

#7: Make your app suck

Plain and simple. Problem: you actually need downloads to get people to send 1-star reviews your way. Solution: Be a big brand and make a sucky app!
Bonus points: Never update it again!

#8: Add a ton of ads

The user opened your game? Interstitial! The user tapped Play? Interstitial! User died in the game? Interstitial! You get the drill…

#9: Promise the world

Promise them a spaceship and give them a paper plane. With Bluetooth! Just don’t make it work at all and you will be fine.

#10: Take loved features away

Users like your app? Time to mess with some features and make them “better”. A lot better. Or different. Oh yes, different is good. Or remove them completely.

#11: Let your web service crash when it’s needed

Your app needs web access to load content? Peak times don’t interest you? Ok, you are good to go! To 1-star hell that is…

#12: Ask for reviews a lot

First app load? Ask for a review! 10 seconds latter and still in use? Wow! Let’s ask for a reviiiiieeewwwww! Eventually you will get one 🙂


You have even more awesome 1-star review ideas? Great! Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

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