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Power Nap App

On July 26, a cool thing happened, my Power Nap App got featured on Product Hunt!

For the people who don’t know Product Hunt, it’s a super-cool community of people who love products. In their own words:

Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It’s a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.

The Power Nap App has been posted by the awesome Andrew Chen, a well-known investor and writer, be sure to check out his exceptionally informative blog. Even more humbling is the fact that he is an angel investors at Product Hunt.

Effects Of Being Featured On Product Hunt

The Power Nap App has been upvoted to the 2nd place for the day on the front page of Product Hunt, which is awesome. The app has been posted at the end of the day on a Sunday, so it didn’t get as much exposure as it might have gotten when posted earlier. Still, the effects were more than noticeable.

  • Obviously, the Power Nap App got more app downloads for a few days. In my case, the app usually gets around 100 downloads per day. When featured on Product Hunt, it got 2,000 downloads in a period of 5 days, with a peak of 700 downloads on the 4th day. Needless to say, this will vary depending on your product, day of week and upvotes.
  • Product Hunt tweets your product on Twitter. At the time, the tweet got out to 88k followers. That’s a nice boost, because you get retweets and mentions for your product from all around the world.
  • If you have a decent product, people will start writing blog articles about it. If you are lucky, you can even attract the attention of big sites and get some serious press coverage. In my case, I got a mention by the Greatist, an awesome fitness & health site with 350k Facebook followers. This resulted in even more downloads than the actual Product Hunt feature.
  • Longterm effects might include SEO benefits because of the new, high-quality links. The feature might also add more trust/credibility to your product/brand.
  • You will get spam mails from various companies that will pitch you their services. Annoying, but ultimately a good sign, because it means that you got enough attention to attract this kind of stuff.

What To Do When Being Featured On Product Hunt

Here are some random tips on getting the most out of a feature on Product Hunt from my personal point of view:

  • Most importantly, engage with the community. Introduce yourself in the comments, answer every questions and let people know that you care. This is a time limited feature and your chance to get the word out about your product, so just do it.
  • Get marked as the maker of the product. This builds trust and also appears in your Product Hunt profile. For example, my profile page ranks pretty well for my name on Google, so it’s a nice place to show off my work.
  • Don’t self promote, don’t explicitly ask for upvotes, it’s against the community rules. This keeps the platform clean of spam and only the best products get to the top.
  • If you plan to use Product Hunt to launch your brand new product, you can do that. There are many examples of this strategy working out for both the company and users. If you need tips on launching an app in particular, check out this podcast with my buddy Andreas Kambanis, he knows what he is doing.
  • After the feature is over, you can use your successful appearance on Product Hunt to pitch the press more efficiently. With the extra trust in your product, you might be more likely to get featured on the site you are pitching for.

For me as a small developer, this was a great opportunity to get my app in front of a big audience of people who love cool products and it’s an honor to get featured on Product Hunt.

All in all, Product Hunt is a great platform to find cool new products. Honestly, before I was doing apps, I always wanted to make a cool website about products, but never really found the right concept. I think, Product Hunt absolutely nailed it and there is still a lot of potential.

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