iBeacons App Idea: Tracking Kids in Malls

ibeacons-app-idea As of mid 2014, iBeacon seems to be a quite interesting new application of the Bluetooth technology and is widely discussed, but I have personally not seen any implementations in real life yet.

While visiting the local IKEA on a Saturday (big mistake!), I had a neat app idea for iBeacons. So, here it is, a free, multi-million-dollar app business idea. You are welcome 😉

The Idea

For starters, you should know how iBeacons works. Apart from that knowledge, let’s assume you have some little kids and take them to the mall or some other big indoor location. Based on my observations, one of the many problems with kids is that they run around much and tend to get lost periodically.

Once they get lost, you have to pick them up at some check point in the mall. Not nice. So, wouldn’t it be great to have an easy way to track the position of your kids on your smartphone? And get notifications when they wander away, so you can catch them before they get lost?


As far as I understand the technology, iBeacon seems to be a pretty good solution for indoor tracking. It’s possible to get the distance between to Bluetooth LE devices which also seems to be pretty accurate up to 100 meters, which would be perfect for kids tracking.

So, how to implement this? I brainstormed two ideas:

1. Attach iBeacon to Kid: In the Bluetooth LE protocol, iBeacons are low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify nearby iOS 7 devices of their presence. For example, attach an iBeacon wristband to your kid at the entrance of the mall, which periodically triggers a notification to your iPhone on the kid’s location.

2. Kid with iOS Device: If the kid has an iOS device, a two-way communication is possible. There could be a kids tracking app which periodically checks the distance between parent and kid and sends notifications if a preset distance is exceeded. You could also check the app to see how far away your kid is. Get your kid an iPhone, just saying 😉

Legal Disclaimer

If you implement this wonderful idea, please let me know. And don’t forget the check 😉

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