Power Nap App

Power Nap App The Power Nap App is an alarm clock app with relaxing sounds and a sweet kitty cat :)

Power naps of less than 30 minutes restore wakefulness and promote performance and learning.
This app helps you relax and get new energy for your stressful day in a scientifically proven way.


Power Nap App ScreenshotPower Nap App ScreenshotPower Nap App Screenshot


– Power nap timer up to 30 minutes
– Relaxing sounds (Beach, Rain, Thunder and more)
– Pleasant alarm sounds (Birds, Piano, Bells and more)
– High quality audio tracks
– Easy to use with a beautiful interface
– Universal app for iPhone, iPod and iPad
– Info page with instructions and all you need to know about power naps
– A sweet kitty cat :)


Kitty, the cat, has been designed by Graphic Designer Ursula J├Ąger.

Go get it